Our Quality

We provide assistance in product and design development, presentation, packaging, factory evaluation and qualifications, order placements, production control and logistic support, etc.

We have adopted the universally acclaimed system of Quality Evaluation defined as the AQL (Accepted Quality Level) and are equipped with the team of qualified quality assurance staff. Our Product Inspection programs assist Buyers and Manufacturers to ensure that desired Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL) are met prior to shipment of merchandise. This service adds confidence for the Buyers that the arriving product would meet their quality standards.

Our comprehensive Inspection program would have multiple modules catering from Sample Selection to dispatch stages

Programs are customized based on specific client requirements, production locations, shipment sizes and delivery time frames.

The inspection process involves accurate verification utilizing Statistical Quality Control methods, to check:

  • Correctness of raw materials
  • Form, Fit and Functionality
  • Safety Requirements
  • Preservation, Identification, Packing
  • Shipment Quantity
  • Packaging
  • UPC Verification
  • Marking, Labeling

Factory setups according to Evaluation norms:

We are well equipped with the knowledge of international Evaluation norms and requirements and assist factories in setting up their Infrastructure according to the norms.

Our team of customer care / coordination executives actively updates our clients about the movement of the goods and confirms their dispatch & receipt in time. Besides, our experts also maintain a strict vigil while the products are packed and loaded to ensure that they are handled with due care and not damaged during transit.

Buyers are always looking for special and exclusive items and with the ability of the craftsmen / factories to create these quickly and continuously, India will always remain a market to reckon with Function

  • Identifying products
  • Sourcing
  • Safety Requirements
  • Design and development
  • Organising production
  • Quality control

Quality inspections are also done on the AQL (Accepted Quality Level) basis. We also undertake the quality Assurance based assignments on contract basis. Besides, we also follow a streamlined Time & Action plan.